The Legendary Castaways are curators of modern blues, soul and rock and roll.  We carry the torch of the One True Note to oblivion and beyond.  Best enjoyed instrument to ear.

Our objective is to bring the works of past greats of the 60s and 70s to audiences without impediment.  We welcome you to set sail for the sonic shores of the 70s with us and wreck with reckless abandon.

Our performances include hits and not so hits by Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, Cream, Herbie Hancock, The Band, Average White Band, Little Feat, Bill Withers, Albert King, Albert Collins, Allman Brothers, Jaco Pastorius and other greats of yore and lore.

The Legendary Castaways are:

Joel Krass (vocals, guitar) - Joel is a former RCA Recording Artist (Headstrong/bomb32) and full-time music seeker.  Joel plays a Gibson Les Paul Standard named Beatrice and has deep affection for a '76 Traynor Reverb Master SC Amplifier.

Ben Wilson (vocals, bass) - Ben is a former Warner Music (The Populars) recording artist with local roots in the rock, blues and country scene in Toronto.  Ben plays an Ernie Ball Stingray 5 and is umbilicaly attached to an Ampeg SVT Classic amplifier.

Paul Domanski (drums) - Paul is a lifetime veteran of the Toronto indie music scene (The Darned, Zuul's Evil Disco) with skills that span many genres. Paul plays intoxicating champagne sparkle Gretsch Drums and uses Zildjan and Sabian cymbals.

Please scrawl a scroll of inquiry or enthusiastic praise and bottle it accordingly.  We welcome your welcome.